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This newsletter is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to constitute investment advice (or any other professional advice) as to any particular situation.

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In our newsletter, we share takeaways from decades of our research and hundreds of interviews with venture capitalists and unicorn founders, on personal and corporate growth. 

The newsletter will teach you how to adopt a venture mindset.  And you’ll also get updates on our book and events.

In the first few issues, we will discuss these topics among others: 

Impact. How is VC impacting the economy?

Fears. What is the main fear of venture investors? 

Risks. How do venture investors think about “risk”? 

Networking. Is it better to have a wide network or a deep one? 

Mentorship. Why can staying too close to someone hurt rather than help? 

Education. Do college dropouts have a better chance of building a unicorn? 

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