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The Venture Mindset

How to make smarter bets
and achieve extraordinary results​

Behind life changing companies like Amazon, Google, Moderna, SpaceX, and Zoom, are Venture Capital investors. VCs are known for their extraordinary ability to spot emerging trends, identify disruptive startups, attract talent, and bring new industries into being.

The Venture Mindset is a new mental model where failure is a must, ideas are rejected in their myriads in search of a single winner, due diligence is put on its head, dissent is encouraged, plugs are pulled, and time horizons are extended. It is fundamentally different from the mindset found throughout the rest of the business world. This mindset helps leaders to develop a strong pipeline of ideas, make smarter, quicker decisions, and deliver more value at scale.

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Eric Schmidt

The book is full of powerful, practical lessons on changing how we think and act.

Eric Schmidt

former CEO and Chairman of Google
Eric Yuan

Many principles mentioned in the book helped us build Zoom and they will help you as well.

Eric Yuan

Founder & CEO, Zoom
Jerry Yang

Strebulaev and Dang really know their stuff – and they deliver their insights and advice with remarkable clarity.

Jerry Yang

Founding Partner, AME Cloud Ventures, co-founder of Yahoo!
Jerry Porras

Reserve a spot for this book next to Built to Last.

Jerry Porras

Co-author of bestseller <i>Built to Last</i>
Claudia Fan Munce

Read this book NOW! It is a very important book for corporations and investors.

Claudia Fan Munce

Chairwoman of Global Corporate Venturing, Board Member of BestBuy
Ana Mexia Ponce

As a student of Ilya, I was captivated by his venture capital class. I can’t wait to read The Venture Mindset and continue learning from his wisdom.

Ana Mexia Ponce

Co-founder, Nido Ventures

About authors

Ilya Strebulaev

Ilya Strebulaev is the foremost academic expert on venture capital. As the founder of the Venture Capital Initiative and a Professor of Private Equity and Finance at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, where he teaches a popular class on venture capital, his research has been widely published in leading academic journals and featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg and the Harvard Business Review. In 2023 he was named a Top Voice on LinkedIn.

Alex Dang

Alex Dang is a CEO, a senior technology executive, and an advisor on innovation and digital strategy. He has two decades of senior leadership as a Partner at McKinsey and Ernst & Young, and as a product leader at Amazon, where he designed and launched numerous new businesses and solutions for millions of customers across ecommerce, supply chain, and AI. He graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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