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Are unicorns an endangered species?

Last week Ilya Strebulaev joined the panel at Viva Technology in Paris to discuss unicorns and their future with Jenny Fielding (Everywhere Ventures (The Fund), Maya Noël (France Digitale), JP (Joonpyo) Lee (SoftBank Ventures Asia), Charlie Perreau (Les Echos).

At our session “Unicorns An Endangered Species,” we discussed way more than just unicorns:

1️⃣ What is a unicorn and whether the valuation is the only criterion for success?
2️⃣ What has happened to many unicorns recently?
3️⃣ Is it a good criterion for country’s innovation success to count its unicorns?
4️⃣ When is a good time to invest in startups?
5️⃣ What are the historical patterns for startups to become successful?
6️⃣ How young can the companies be to become a unicorn?

Viva Technology, thank you for having us! Watch the full session below:

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